The products are in a leading position in the application of global hybrid vehicles, fast-charging pure electric vehicles, construction machinery, ships and cars, and are mainly used in the fields of hybrid vehicles (HEV/NI-MH Battery), AGV industrial robots, power supplies, energy storage power supplies of communication base stations, etc. Among them, HEV(NI-MH Battery) products are 100% consistent with batteries of Toyota hybrid vehicles, and can be installed indiscriminately!


Won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of China Light Industry Federation.

The title of "Little Giant" enterprise specialized in national specialty and innovation.

Successfully selected into the seventh batch of "National Manufacturing Single Champion Products" list

The company has successively obtained 47 patents, including 25 core patents independently developed by domestic foam nickel.


30,000 ton battery grade lithium carbonate material production line

60,000-ton high-power Ferrous lithium phosphate cathode material production line


Hybrid batteries are sold worldwide. After more than 20 years of persistence and development in the field of energy storage and hybrid power, our company has become the sole supplier of Ni-MH battery for Toyota hybrid vehicles in China.


Professional data matching, complete installation tutorial, and long warranty time!


The company has been focusing on hybrid power for 21 years. As the only enterprise in China that can supply qualified batteries and materials for hybrid vehicles in batches, EVK parent company is the third largest manufacturer of Ni-MH batteries for hybrid vehicles in the world and the only supplier of batteries for Toyota hybrid vehicles in China.

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