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What about the battery life of new energy vehicles?


The battery can be said to be the "heart" of new energy vehicles, and its "health" is related to the use experience of car owners. Every motorist is eager for his car to have a heart that will beat forever. However, as a consumable, the battery will always "grow old" after seeing many scenes on the road. So, how to judge whether the battery life of new energy vehicles is urgent?

Used for more than 3 years

As far as the battery equipment of new energy vehicles in the market is concerned, ternary lithium battery and iron phosphate battery are the mainstream. The former has 600-1000 charging and discharging cycles, and the latter has 2000 cycles, with a service life of 6-8 years. During this period, the capacity degradation of the battery is basically no more than 70%. However, in actual use, if the car owner has poor driving habits, often accelerates quickly, and does not pay attention to daily maintenance, it is likely to cause certain damage to the battery, causing "premature aging".

There is a problem with the endurance

When motorists find that their cars are "full when charged, but not when used", it means that there is a problem with the battery. Generally speaking, the battery capacity shrinkage will lead to the battery endurance being far lower than the brand-new state. Once the battery capacity shrinks, it is difficult to "return to the peak" through repair. When the battery capacity shrinks, the battery performance will also decline significantly, and this decay will gradually accelerate, and soon become a "scrap iron".

Serious heating during charging and discharging
Some riders said that the battery of their car is hot to the touch whether charging or discharging. At this time, the battery safety valve can be opened to observe whether the electrolyte turns black, which is the characteristic of battery aging. Because the active substance on the battery plate falls off seriously, the internal resistance becomes larger, so it will generate abnormal heat during charging and discharging.

Abnormal startup

Just as the mobile phone will automatically shut down in cold weather, new energy vehicles will have difficulty starting in cold weather. However, in normal weather, if the startup is still several seconds slower than the new state, or turns off after startup, it indicates that the battery state is getting worse. In addition, the black screen or dim color of the multi-function display screen after startup is also a sign of battery attenuation.

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