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Mango seeds pray for a bumper harvest and world peace!


Ear seed is one of the 24 solar terms in China, which falls on June 5th or 6th in the solar calendar every year. At that time, the earth has entered the midsummer, and wheat crops are gradually maturing, hence the name "Mangzhong". At the time of awning, the yang is gradually flourishing, the yin is gradually declining, and everything is thriving, which is the key season for farming.

When the awn is planted, the farmer plows and sows for the autumn harvest. In the fields, the wheat waves are rolling, the ears of rice are drooping, and farmers are busy in the fields, sowing and farming, looking forward to the bumper harvest in the coming year. In the folk, awn seed is also an important festival, and people will hold sacrificial activities to pray for good weather and good harvests.

As one of the traditional solar terms in China, awn seed bears the hope of bumper harvest and the tradition of farming culture. On this day, with gratitude, people pray for good weather and look forward to a bumper harvest and a happy and healthy life. I also hope that the world will have good weather and abundant crops. There will be no war, only peace! Every corner of the earth is peaceful and warm as ever!

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