New Energy Battery

The new energy battery developed by the EVKR company is a battery suitable for hybrid vehicles, especially Toyota hybrid vehicles. It can be 100% matched with Toyota Hybrid Battery, and can be installed without damage. Installation videos are provided to make the installation worry-free. High cost performance and long warranty period. We look forward to becoming your long-term supplier in China.


The main parameters of the new energy battery produced by EVKR company are also those of Toyota hybrid battery. The nominal voltage is 1.2V, the working voltage is  1.0~1.5V, the nominal capacity is 5500/6000/6500mAh, the minimum capacity is 5300/5800/6200mAh, the rated energy is 45Wh, the weight is 200±2g, and the power density is more than 1450w. Energy > 40 Wh/kg, maximum constant-current discharge rate (short time) 300A, maximum continuous discharge rate (continuous) 210A, maximum constant-current charging rate 120A, storage temperature range-20 ~ 35℃, use temperature range-30 ~ 55℃


The EVKRcompany fully implements lean management and intelligent manufacturing, owns the most advanced Ni-MH battery production line in the world, and has a strong independent innovation platform. Produce new energy batteries with very reliable quality, The produced 1.2-volt battery can be combined into 7.2-volt, 9.6-volt and 14.4-volt modules, and the 7.2-volt, 9.6-volt and 14.4-volt modules can be combined into 144-volt, 201.6-volt, 216-volt, 244.8-volt and 288-volt systems. Square Ni-MH battery module with capacity of 5.5/6.5Ah, ABS flame retardant case, or cylindrical Ni-MH battery module with capacity of 6Ah, metal explosion-proof case. More than 500,000 car owners choose, I believe we are your wise choice.

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  • Toyota Alphard is an advanced hybrid model, and Toyota Alphard Hybrid Battery is a very environmentally friendly battery. Our company has been committed to the research in the field of new energy, and has developed a battery that is 100% matched with Toyota Alphard Hybrid Battery, which can be installed in a nondestructive way, and the installation video is provided for worry-free installation. High cost performance and long warranty. We look forward to becoming your long-term supplier in China!

  • EVK company is committed to the development and application of new energy Ni-MH batteries. The developed Lexus RX 450H Hybrid Battery can perfectly replace the loading battery, which can make your car as good as new and enjoy driving. Please consult our staff for details.

  • In China, there are about 200,000 vehicles equipped with Toyota Previa Hybrid Battery, and their service life is about eight years or 200,000 km. So far, our EVK company has sold about 100,000 sets of Toyota's full range of hybrid batteries! Received the praise of many car owners, we will continue to work hard to push our products to the world and serve the vast number of Toyota car owners all over the world! I look forward to your letter and our cooperation!

  • Velfire is a reception commercial vehicle equipped with Toyota Velfire hybrid battery. It occupies a relatively high market share in the world. Similarly, his hybrid battery is also a big cake in the market. The Toyota vellfire hybrid battery produced by our EVK company can match the original one hundred percent, with an extra-long three-year warranty or 100,000 km. Let you buy with confidence, and buy with peace of mind. We will seek partners from all over the world, expecting us to advance hand in hand!

China New Energy Battery is one kind of products from EVK factory. As one of leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we provide durable products. We can sell them at a low price and can be customized. We sincerely look forward to becoming your reliable long-term business partner!
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