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  • EVK company has been focusing on the field of Battery for Golf Cart, At present, we have 2,000 customers in China, and our Battery for Golf Cart have been recognized by our customers. We have also exported a lot of batteries to America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions. Good quality can be appreciated by customers!

  • EVK company has been focusing on the field of Battery for Sightseeing Car, Sightseeing bus exists in a large number of places all over the world, such as parks, scenic spots, government agencies, amusement parks and so on. China exports a lot of sightseeing bus every year, which also drives the export of batteries from sightseeing bus. China exports more than 10 million batteries from sightseeing bus every year. Now we have the world's advanced production equipment, which can meet the needs of large orders, and can also provide OEM.

  • EVK company has been focusing on the field of Battery for Floor Washing Vehicle The invention of the floor washer facilitates the work of the cleaning staff and improves the cleaning efficiency. More and more places use floor washing vehicles, including public environment, subway station, high-speed railway station and other places in parks!

  • As the professional manufacturer, we would like to provide you Battery for Electric Car. Electric cars have come into people's lives, because they don't need to be refueled, and they only need to be recharged, which is very convenient to use! EVK company is committed to the research and development and production of new energy batteries. The electric car batteries produced by the company are suitable for all kinds of electric cars. We can produce lead-acid and lithium batteries! Please consult our staff for details!

  • EVK company has been focusing on the field of Battery for Aerial Work Platform Aerial platform was first popular in the American market, and then it was gradually widely used all over the world. The appearance of aerial work platform improves the working safety of construction workers and the working efficiency. At present, hundreds of thousands of aerial work platforms around the world are making their own contribution to the progress of mankind every day.

  • EVK company has been focusing on the field of Electric Forklift Battery Pack, There are thousands of forklifts in Qian Qian in every corner of the world. With the improvement of people's requirements for working environment. Diesel forklifts will gradually be eliminated and replaced by electric forklifts. Electric forklift has become the first choice for everyone because of its low noise and low air pollution!

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