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How many kinds of batteries are there? "Knowledge Points" on New Energy

With the continuous development of new energy vehicle technology, in order to improve the endurance, the battery capacity as the storage of electric energy has been continuously expanded. What are the major categories of such important power batteries? What's the difference? Let's learn about the battery, an important part of new energy.

According to the classification of battery materials, there are four types of new energy vehicle batteries:
Lead acid battery

Many people may not know that lead-acid battery is the most successful technology that people have mastered. As a relatively mature technology, lead-acid battery is still the only battery for electric vehicles that can be used for mass production because of its low cost and high rate of discharge. It is mostly used in electric vehicles.
However, the specific energy, specific power and energy density of lead-acid batteries are very low, which also leads to the electric vehicles using lead-acid batteries can not keep up with the range and speed.

Nickel battery

On the whole, although its performance is better than that of lead-acid battery, it contains heavy metals, which are easy to cause pollution after use. NiMH power battery has just entered a mature stage, and this battery is mainly used in the hybrid battery system.

However, due to the immaturity of domestic nickel cadmium battery research and development, domestic enterprises have been in the stage of research and development. The nickel cadmium batteries and nickel hydrogen batteries we use are mainly purchased from abroad.

lithium battery
Lithium battery, as one of the mainstream new energy batteries, has the following advantages: light weight, long life, pollution-free and small size. However, safety is the main reason that hinders the development of lithium battery. Because the working temperature of lithium battery is very high, it also puts forward very high requirements for the safety performance of vehicles.

Lithium iron phosphate battery

Lithium iron phosphate battery is also a kind of lithium battery, but its energy fluctuation is only half of that of lithium battery, with higher safety, 2000 cycles, stable discharge, low price and low price ratio. Now it has become one of the main factions of many electric vehicles.
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