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Why is the hybrid car a commuter "punishment station" family?


One: commuting "punishment station" family
"Either at work, or on the way to work."
This is a true portrayal of all urban commuters every day!
There is a kind of commuting called sitting from the starting station to the terminal station,
There is a kind of penalty station that is crowded from getting on to getting off.
When I go out, the makeup I put on is all gone before half of the journey is done;
If there is a seat, it is definitely lady luck turning around for you.
The journey is long and time-consuming, and the space in the public transportation is closed and the smell is unpleasant.
Reading too loudly, listening to music too loudly, always suffering, always anxious.
So Qiangzi from Beidiao, Lily from Shanghai,
Wen Tsai, who lives in Huizhou and works in Shenzhen...
By coincidence, they all chose hybrid vehicles.
So I often say that hybrid cars are born for the "punishment station" commuters~ There are four main reasons for the analysis:
1 When accelerating, the generator can assist in driving the wheels, so as to supplement the lack of power output of the engine itself. The engine intervention is smooth and the vibration is small, the acceleration is fast and there is no delay, and there is no need to worry about being late for clocking in.
2 You don't need to change your driving habits, just go for regular maintenance according to the maintenance manual, and just go to the gas station to refuel every day.
3 Every time you decelerate and brake in a traffic jam, energy can be recovered. While charging the battery, it can also reduce the wear of the brake pads, so that the traffic jam is not blocked.

4 Does not require external charging, does not rely on charging piles and other facilities. When the gasoline engine is running efficiently, the hybrid system will recycle the excess energy generated to the power battery, and Say no to battery life anxiety.

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