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R&D and Production Status of Ni-MH Power Batteries

Kuang Dezhi pointed out that the Ni-MH power battery, which is the heart of the hybrid power system, has the obvious advantages of high performance, strong environmental adaptability and high safety in the fields of hybrid power and fuel cells, and is one of the safest batteries. At present, nickel-metal hydride power batteries have been commercialized in large quantities on Toyota, Honda HEVs, and domestic joint-venture and self-owned brand HEVs and PHEVs. In addition, nickel-metal hydride power batteries have also achieved commercial breakthroughs in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and its broad application scenarios have been increasingly discovered by practitioners and consumers.
At present, the parent company of EVK has realized the layout of the whole industrial chain of nickel-metal hydride batteries and nickel foam raw materials. In terms of international cooperation, it has become the only domestic supplier of power batteries for Toyota hybrid vehicles. Corun has made long-term and large investment and accumulation in terms of technology research and development and manufacturing capabilities. It has successively established five research and development centers and seven industrial bases, forming a complete industrial chain. Committed to the R&D, production and sales of automotive Ni-MH power batteries and energy packs, with key technologies and independent intellectual property rights.
Practice Exploration of Intelligent Manufacturing of Ni-MH Power Batteries

As a key component of energy-saving and new energy vehicles, nickel-metal hydride power batteries are naturally inseparable from the introduction of intelligent manufacturing in this industry 4.0 era. EVK parent company introduced the mature quality management system of Japanese factories. At present, all processes have basically realized fully automated production. , The numerical control rate of equipment is more than 95%. The company independently develops a complete automatic power battery production line, which can fully meet the requirements of production efficiency and battery quality consistency. Kuang Dezhi shared some of the company's experience in the intelligent manufacturing of Ni-MH power batteries.
The new smart manufacturing model of EVK's parent company is mainly strengthened in three aspects, and a manufacturing model based on lean digital production, full life cycle traceability, and smart service integration has been established.

Lean Manufacturing Digitization
With the expansion of enterprise scale, it is an inevitable choice to establish lean information production. Through the introduction of advanced information management system, the company establishes a learning organization within the enterprise, and achieves the unity of high flexibility and high efficiency through continuous self-cultivation and self-motivation of employees.

In the intelligent factory project, lean digital manufacturing is realized mainly through the MES production execution system combined with the application of lean concepts. Traditionally, waste is found by human experience, and it is difficult to analyze the cause of waste. Through MES and other systems, real-time production information can be grasped to support accurate analysis of bottleneck problems, eliminate waste in time, and achieve timely, appropriate, high-quality and short-term delivery. .

Product Lifecycle Management
First of all, in the production and manufacturing process, the production data is automatically obtained to realize the traceability of the whole process of manufacturing information from raw material procurement to shipment logistics.

Secondly, at the level of enterprise operation, the company has established a group management and control system for sales, cost, procurement, research and development, and manufacturing. With the help of intelligent manufacturing methods, we can realize the management and control of the whole life cycle of products from R&D, manufacturing to the server, improve the synergy between upstream and downstream, and reduce operating costs.

Power battery intelligent remote operation and maintenance
Due to the characteristics of vast territory and tight emergency time, the troubleshooting and daily maintenance costs of automobile batteries are high, customer satisfaction is low, and there is a lack of active warning during use. If there is no professional maintenance, there may be performance degradation or safety hazards.

In this regard, the EVK parent company has established a power battery intelligent operation and maintenance platform:

Make products intelligent. The battery pack has a built-in BMS management system, which aggregates the data of battery-related parameters to the server for analysis and storage through the 4G network.

A remote operation and maintenance platform has been established. Use the Internet of Things/Internet of Vehicles technology to realize fault notification and early warning.

Big data analysis through integration with industrial Internet platforms. Combined with failure mode recognition, self-feedback to the optimal strategy of the battery BMS system.

Through the exploration and application in the field of intelligence, the company has formed its own manufacturing model and gradually solved various issues and challenges in management and production. EVK parent company will continue to communicate and cooperate with industry colleagues, experts and scholars in the future, continue to optimize product quality, increase battery production capacity, fuel and empower energy-saving and new energy industry chains, and contribute to the innovation promotion, transformation and upgrading of the global automotive industry a force of.

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