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Interpretation of large energy storage strategic development plan


In-depth interpretation of the large energy storage strategic development plan to accelerate the overall layout of the lithium battery and energy storage industry

Q1. What are the technical advantages of the nickel-hydrogen battery being developed by the company?

Nickel-hydrogen battery is a water-based battery with the characteristics of intrinsic safety. Its positive electrode substrate is still nickel foam, and its negative electrode is hydrogen gas. It has the advantages of good power performance, high-power charging and discharging resistance, and low-temperature performance. Long cycle life, lower life cycle cost, more suitable for energy storage applications.

Q2. How to plan the regional market strategy of the company's energy storage business? Have you considered expanding overseas markets? Which customers do you mainly serve? What is the current status of the energy storage industry consortium formed by it?

The company's energy storage business regional strategy mainly focuses on the domestic market, and has not yet considered expanding overseas markets; the energy storage field strategy mainly focuses on power generation, power grid, and industrial and commercial distribution and storage. The industrial innovation consortium led by the company, relying on its own upstream lithium ore resources, plans to introduce the best quality enterprises in lithium iron phosphate, battery cells, system integration, and battery recycling. At present, the member units of the industrial alliance have basically been locked. For details, please refer to the company announcement or official information.

Q3. What is the development situation of the company's traditional hybrid battery business? Can future profitability be improved?

The company's power battery business will adjust the business volume according to Toyota's actual needs, while ensuring product quality, improving service details, and providing supporting services to better meet customer needs. It will also expand applications in other fields, such as aviation cold chain, Electrolyzed water hydrogen production equipment materials, etc. Next, while ensuring the stable operation of traditional businesses, focus on the implementation of the energy storage strategy and the layout of upstream resources. At present, the first phase of construction of the 30,000-ton lithium carbonate project has been completed. Energy business will also usher in substantial development.

Q4. What is the company's plan for the development of lithium mines in Yichun and the progress of the subsequent 20,000-ton production capacity construction?

Donglian Company, a subsidiary of the company, owns four underground mine resources. Among them, the Tong'an Mine has completed the construction inspection and is about to be put into production. It will expand its capacity in the future. The other three mines are undergoing detailed survey. In terms of lithium carbonate, a 10,000-ton production line has been built, and the remaining 20,000-ton production plant has been completed and is being accelerated. At the same time, the company is developing new lithium extraction technology, which has made positive contributions to reducing energy consumption, reducing tailings, and improving resource utilization.

Q5. The company's hybrid storage technology and its advantages in the energy storage industry?

The company's mixed storage technology is to make up for the shortcomings of pure lithium-ion batteries with the remarkable characteristics of nickel-metal hydride batteries such as high life, high rate, and wide temperature range, and to help lithium batteries in a safer, more stable, and more efficient state. At the same time, it introduces big data technology to improve the intelligent management ability of the energy storage system. Its hybrid energy storage system can improve the performance of the energy storage system on the basis of controlling the overall cost of the whole life cycle, especially in terms of safety and service life. aspect.

In the energy storage industry, the company has mastered sufficient upstream superior resources to meet the company's production, and is actively expanding other resource channels, striving to enter the forefront of the industry's resource reserves to ensure the supply of terminal energy storage orders. Secondly, the National Engineering Research Center for Advanced Energy Storage Materials established by Corun earlier is currently developing a smart energy storage management system, a new type of energy storage battery, and a new type of lithium extraction technology. Thirdly, with years of experience and resources in the battery industry, Corun has been widely recognized by all walks of life, bringing a lot of convenience to the company's subsequent development of the energy storage market and creating more opportunities for cooperation.

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