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What are the reasons for choosing a hybrid road trip?


What are the reasons for choosing a hybrid road trip?

"Change yourself, both in character and in life." That's what a road trip is all about.

While you are busy working, the eagle in Tibet hovers in the clouds; While you are busy squeezing the subway, there is a bright smile under Gongga Mountain, south of Kangding......
Have seen the magnificent nature, will not be stubborn in the hardship of life, the distance is the next section of the road they raised their feet to tread.

Of course, in addition to the courage to set out, a road trip must also be well arranged. Therefore, both Liang, a loner, and Coco, who likes to travel with her family, choose hybrid cars to enjoy their travel.
After all, hybrid cars are good news for self-driving travelers, and there are two main reasons for the analysis:
1 Energy saving: hybrid car loaded with nickel metal hydride power battery, in the field of complex road conditions can be very convenient to recover braking, downhill, idle energy, and stored in nickel metal hydride power battery for acceleration.
2 Reliable: the power battery will never be overcharged or overdischarged. It is frequently charged and discharged in the middle active area, so that the hybrid car can maintain a long service life and strong stability.

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