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Why do more Leavers prefer hybrid cars?


Why do more Leavers prefer hybrid cars?

"Put ecology and physical and mental health above fame and wealth." It's the unique values of the Lov people.
Care about the sick earth, but also care about the health of themselves and their families, taste excellence, the pursuit of quality of life, is the elite group of society.
They like low-carbon and sustainable life style, pursue organic, natural and green life concept, get close to the origin of life, and feel the feedback from life and nature.

Environmental protection is a kind of internal vitality. As an "environmental protection guardian", the Lehuo family naturally chooses more environmentally friendly hybrid cars.

Because hybrid cars perfectly meet their needs, there are two main reasons for the analysis:
1. Environmental protection: Hybrid vehicles can effectively reduce exhaust emissions. For example, compared with traditional fuel vehicles, hybrid vehicles equipped with CHS hybrid power system assembly can reduce carbon emissions by 60% and PM2.5 emissions by 60%-80%, which is close to green travel.
2. Reduce energy consumption: Hybrid vehicles can use the motor to raise the engine speed before ignition, so that the engine will always work in the most efficient speed range, effectively reducing fuel consumption. 

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