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Why is the hybrid car a "fresh force" for the rise of the private car industry?


Why is the hybrid car a "fresh force" for the rise of the private car industry?

Please take your belongings and get off the bus. If convenient, please comment on my service. Thank you.
The beginning of professional service and the end of professional service are the necessary qualities for chauffeurs, who are busy on urban roads all day to meet people's travel needs.

For others, it may seem like a high-paying job, but they have a hard time knowing that, along with the free water on board,Earn very little; Arriving at the boarding place, many passengers see is called a special car, hurriedly cancelled; Some specifications of the platform are not fully in place, and unreasonable passengers are even more uncomfortable. Therefore, those who want to earn more and save a little will choose hybrid cars.
As a "new force" in the private car industry, hybrid cars are mainly due to the following two reasons:
1 Calm: There is no motor noise when the hybrid car is driven by electric power. Reducing mechanical noise in the vehicle will bring quiet and comfortable riding experience to passengers.
2 Economy: the hybrid car is a division of labor between the engine and the motor, and the motor drives the car at low speed. High speed requires high power output to use fuel, reduce fuel consumption, very suitable for urban driving. According to the calculation of a research institution, the putting into use of a deep-mixing vehicle is equivalent to reducing petrochemical energy consumption by 5.11 tons and harmful gas emissions by 4.38 tons; According to the annual operation of 200,000 kilometers, the gas-electric hybrid car compared with the same displacement of fuel oil car a year savings of 38,500 yuan, is actually a private car must "sharp weapon"!

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