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The company won the annual outstanding supplier of Toyota Forklift (Toyota)


On June 27, Tailife Group's housewarming celebration and annual supplier meeting were held grandly in Qingdao, Shandong. Our company's product quality, delivery capabilities and after-sales services were fully recognized by Tailife Group, and we were honored to receive the award from Tailife Group. The honor awarded as "Excellent Supplier of 2023" has laid a solid foundation for more in-depth cooperation between the two parties in the future.

At the beginning of a gorgeous new chapter, our company will walk with Tailifu Group with more refined, better and stronger services. At the same time, our company will also set sail and take advantage of the vigorous development of the electric industrial vehicle industry, continue to strengthen independent innovation, continue to improve the industrial chain system covering lead-acid and lithium-ion power batteries, and focus on improving the cost-effectiveness of lithium battery products and corporate competition. Strength and brand influence, develop and grow together with host supporting companies, and make positive contributions to the high-quality development of the industry!

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